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Open a company in usa As a foreigner

Register Business & Open Bank account in the USA as a Foreigner

Chobhar is here to make your American dream come true! We simplify the process, from US company registration and US banking to bookkeeping and taxes by a CPA. 

Don’t let borders limit your business. Join Chobhar and start selling in the US!

setting up a company in usa by foreigner


US Company Formation for a Non Resident with Bank Account

Opening a company in the USA can be complex as a foreigner, but our comprehensive services make it seamless and straightforward for LLC or C-corp. Whether you're incorporating your company, opeaning bank account, or ensuring compliance, we offer dedicated support to meet all your business needs.

With our streamlined incorporation service, you can form your LLC or C-Corp as a non-resident in most of the US states with minimal hassle.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a type of Tax Identification Number (TIN) specifically for businesses to conduct business transactions.

As required by law to have a registered agent  in the state of incorporation to handle official correspondence to with the government.

As required by law to have a business address, we provide virtual mailbox services to for your business presence in the US.

Preparing and Filing federal & state-specific taxes and obtaining relevant permits or licenses if required.

Hiring a CPA for bookkeeping, accounting  and CPA-managed tax filings services.

Reimburse employees with the click of a button and enjoy a world without expense reports.

Guidance on gathering the required documents and opening a business bank account in the US.

Discover Information about how the US Business registration process work

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Join our Biweekly Information session with our business registration consultanat and CPA to know more about how the process works, what are the anticipated cost and other ins and out while registering a business in the US.

Why choose us?

There are so many reasons why Chobhar should be your go-to solution in your search for a business registration partner. We handle everything from company registration to tax filings. Focus on what you do best while our expert team ensures a seamless experience.

✅ Hassle-free LLC Registration

✅ Expert Tax & Compliance Services

✅ Affordable Virtual Address Solutions

✅ Access to Our Upcoming US Marketplace


Proper Paper Work

Submiting Proper forms filled with accurate information keeps your away from getting denied.

Fast Processing

Our Process are fast and reliable as it is completed by the industy experts.

Customised Service

We provide dedicated and customised service to our customers depending on their need only.

Financial Guidance

We not only help with the business registration but also provide with full financial  guidance

Find a plan that's right for you.

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Per Month
Plus our limitied time  introtuctory price $299 one-time fee and  state government application filing fee. Price will go up $499 soon.
For Startups:
Business Registration
Bring your own address and phone number
Employer Identification Number (EIN) filing.
Free First Year Registered Agent, then $125/ year.
Lifetime Compliance Alerts
Filing of Articles of Incorporation
Business Tax & Bank Account Consultation
Unlimited Email Support


Per Month
Plus our limitied time  introtuctory price $299 one-time fee and  state government application filing fee. Price will go up $499 soon.
Everything in Starter plan Plus,
Virtual Address Service
Business Phone number
Publication criteria consultation where applicable
Free Registered Agent
Annual Business Tax filing 
Legal Business Contract and Agreement from our lawyer  
Filing of Annual and Biannual Reporting to State
Book keeping and CPA Services additional price as per businees need
Unlimited Phone and Email Support


Per Month, Billed Annually
Same as Monthly Plan features


Billed Annually
Save $189 with Agency Annual Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chobhar?

Chobhar Inc is a US based Tech Compnay which helps small business in the US and overseas to navigate business process.

Chobhar Inc also operates, a dynamic marketplace designed specifically for Nepalese small businesses looking to establish a presence in the USA. Explore opportunities, connect with customers, and grow your business with our dedicated platform.

For more details, visit  and discover how we can help you succeed in the US market.

How Can I Register a Company in the US as a Foreigner?

Registering a company in the US as a foreigner involves several key steps. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a Business Structure:Decide on the type of business entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.).

  2. Select a State: Choose the state where you want to register your company. Delaware is popular for its business-friendly laws.

  3. Name Your Business: Choose a unique name for your business and check its availability.

  4. Appoint a Registered Agent: Hire a registered agent with a physical address in the state of incorporation.

  5. Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation: Submit the Articles of Incorporation to the state’s Secretary of State office.

  6. Obtain an EIN: Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS using Form SS-4.

  7. Draft an Operating Agreement: Create an Operating Agreement outlining the management and operational structure of your business.

  8. Open a US Bank Account: Gather the required documents and open a business bank account in the US.

  9. Register for State Taxes: If required, register for state-specific taxes and obtain relevant permits or licenses.

  10. Set Up Bookkeeping and CPA Services: Hire a CPA for bookkeeping and tax filing services to ensure compliance with US tax laws.
    By following these steps, you can successfully register and manage your company in the US as a foreign entrepreneur.
What is the cost to register the business?

Currently, Chobhar charges $299 USD fee plus applicable registration  fee charged by state government. It ranges from $40 to $200 depending on the state of incorporation. There will be added cost like registered agent, virtual address and some state has publication criteria for LLC. So cost vary dependion upon your need. 

What are the documents needed to register a business?

You will need a valid Passpot.

And one of the following:

1. English translated Citizenship

2. English translated Driver License

Can I register from country other than Nepal?

Absolutely, but there are some country who do not qualify. Email us to check if your country qualifies.

Do I need to have a company in Nepal ?

No, you can register without any company being in Nepal.

Can I open the bank account with my registered business?

Yes, we can help you to open a bank account with companies like Mercury.

Can I link my stripe and Paypal accounts to Mercury bank accounts?

Yes. You can accept payment with paypal and stripe once you connect your account to Mercury. For more detail, visit Mercury FAQ here.

What our users say 😍

“Chobhar Team is great in explaining process in details. Very good team."

Lelin Kadel 
Co-founder, Thamel NYC

“Got my business Registered From India in USA. Very good support and hasel free process with Chobhar."

Gaurav Ojha
Founder & CEO, Digital Ray India

"We were struggling to accept payment from US customer, Chobhar Team helped us with our own company and also with bank accounts. Its all managed service at affordable price” 

Lyndon Jhonson
Managing Director,

"Chobhar team helped us with our company registration, bank account opening and taxes. Thier CPA consultation was included in the service fee. Thats itself is so much saving."

Ajay Bhandari
Founder & CEO, Third Eye Tech

“Thier all in one package is hands free service, just give them the required documents and everything is taken care. you get your own client portal with all the documnets to download whenever needed. Dont think aboout it twice. Solid Team" 

Wade Warren 
Founder , Thunder

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